About New Mexico Nature By Design LLC

I am a landscape designer focused on recreating wild habitats in urban spaces. I have almost 20 years of experience planting and maintaining plants in the Albuquerque area. If you need a wildlife habitat or advice for plant care, Call Today!

Gardening Services

Your garden is your sanctuary, I know mine is! That is why you hire someone with the same love for plants as you do. With 19 years of experience gardening in Albuquerque, I know when things need to be done. I know when plants need to be watered and how much.  I can check the irrigation, make repairs, and schedule the irrigation timer. I know the timing of when plants need to be pruned and I can haul away the branches and debris. Most importantly if you need compost, mulch, or plants I have got you covered. I have a large truck and trailer I can deliver any type of material. Reasonable rates, excellent reviews, and recommendations. Contact me to schedule your next project. 

Design Services

Albuquerque is home to a vast diversity of birds, bees, and insect species. Our gardens can play a crucial role in providing the habitat and refuge they need. My designs are about bringing  a feeling of life back by addressing the elements that are essential for pollinators: a diversity of flower types and shapes, evergreens and shrubs for shelter, natural mulches and compost, water features and bird baths. I can make detailed designs to scale, providing the water needs and maintenance required.  Transform your yard into a habitat pollinators will love. Contact me or call me at 505-507-4561 to discuss plans for your next project. 

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Call us today at 505-507-4561 to discuss your next project!

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