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We at New Mexico Nature by Design believe in helping people create self-sustainable gardens at home. Our backyards are opportunities to save resources by growing our own food, providing habitat for pollinators and capturing rainwater. In selecting the best climate ready plants and trees we aim to prepare your garden for the climate changes to come.

Backyard Habitat Workbook Your Step-by-Step Guide in Creating a Pollinator Habitat

Our backyards can be sanctuaries for birds and butterflies but it’s hard to know where to start. Without knowing the steps needed, it can seem like a daunting task. That’s why I’ve created the Backyard Habitat Workbook, to help people like you create the best habitat possible.  The Workbook Includes: Habitat Design * Rainwater Catchment Potential * Annual Water Budgets * Soil texture Test * Infiltration Rates * Irrigation Audit * Plant selections for seasonal blooms * Bird, Butterfly, Bee, and Hummingbird Plants * Valle De Oro Backyard Habitat Checklist.                                                                                                                                                Once the Workbook is complete and we have a plan in place, it’s time to start working. Our month by month plans start at only $150 per month. We work over a period of time to match your budget. Tasks include: Irrigation maintenance and repair, removing rocks from root zones, adding mulch, compost and soil amendments. We also do seasonal pruning, planting trees and perennials, creating flower beds and hauling/delivery.  We strive to use the best local and organic soils and mulches available.

Pollinator Garden Consultation and Design

Design Only:  The first 30min are free!! Let’s get to know each other!  After the 30min it will be $65hr to complete the design. Most designs start around $350. The designs are drawn to scale, printed, and shipped.

Consultations: Consultations cost $65hr. Topics include watering, selecting plants, attracting pollinators, rainwater catchment, irrigation scheduling/efficiency, yearly maintenance schedule and

The Workbook:   The result from our meeting, either design or consultation will be incorporated into a workbook! The workbook contains the details about your soil, slope, watering schedule and plants.

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